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Scottish Wedding Reading - O'er The Muir Amang The Heather

by Jean Glover

Comin' through the craigs o'Kyle,

Amang the bonnie bloomin' heather,

There I met a bonnie lassie

Keepin' a' her flocks thegither.

Says I, my dear, where is thy hame?

In muir or dale, pray tell me whither?

Says she, I tent the fleecy flocks

That feed amang the bloomin' heather.

We laid us down upon a bank,

Sae warm and sunnie was the weather;

She left her flocks at large to rove

Amang the bonnie bloomin' heather.

She charmed my heart, and aye sinsyne

I couldna think on any ither;

By sea and sky! She shall be mine

The bonnie lass amang the heather.

This reading is suitable for a civil ceremony. This is a great reading for a Scottish wedding as it is by the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns (aka Rabbie Burns)

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