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Wedding Insurance (UK)

There are so many details to consider when it comes to planning a wedding. Choosing the right location, the flowers, the music and so much more are all very important. Hoever, it is also just as important to consider whether or not you need wedding insurance.

If you are looking for the cheapest wedding insurance there are a number of companies to choose from and premiums starting at less than £20. Before you go ahead and choose an insurance company, double check exactly what & how much cover they offer and make sure that this will be sufficient for you.

Wedding insurance typically covers any loss that may occur if something goes amiss at the wedding. This type of insurance can be a great idea and can give both the bride and groom peace of mind. Examples of why you need to claim on your wedding insurance:

  • Cancellation of wedding due to illness or bereavement
  • Rearrangement of wedding
  • Damage to wedding gown or wedding attire
  • Problems with Suppliers
  • Problems with Wedding Photos or Video
  • Personal Liability

The next thing to think about is exactly how much coverage youíll need. Wedding insurance can cover only certain details of the wedding or it can cover the entire wedding and all associated costs. Generally the more expensive your wedding, the more expensive the wedding insurance will be. If there is a possibility that the wedding may not take place because of illness or a possible death in the family youíll want to consider a very comprehensive insurance package. This will guarantee that the wedding can take place at another time in exactly the same fashion as you had originally planned.

If you are concerned about her dress becoming damaged there is a wedding insurance policy for that. It covers any type of problem with the dress be it becoming stained or a problem with the seamstress. The dress is one of the most expensive aspects of the special day so itís important that its well-being is assured.

Wedding insurance is a great idea for any couple considering a walk down the aisle. Do a little research and see which policy is right for your situation.


Weddingplan Insurance currently offers one of the cheapest wedding insurance packages, which are very comprehensive and start at just £19.99.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance - John Lewis provides insurance for weddings and civil partnerships, with cancellation coverage ranging from £10,000 to £50,000.

Wedding In Edinburgh