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Wedding Cake Edinburgh

Choosing your wedding cake is usually one of the things that you do slightly later on in the wedding planning phase. If you are looking for something quite elaborate you may want to choose your wedding cake around 6 months before the wedding, otherwise 4 months in advance should be enough.

Usually by the time you get round to choosing the wedding cake you will have some sort of colour theme in mind for your wedding in edinburgh. You have probably chosen the bridesmaids' dresses by now and thought about your flowers, invitations and the look of your venue. This should help you decide on a cake that fits in with your wedding theme.

Wedding Cake Edinburgh

There are plenty of cake shops in Edinburgh and the Lothians creating a huge selection of wedding cakes, which can usually be made exactly to your liking, be it round, square or hexagonal, sponge, chocolate sponge, sultana or heavy fruit cake, with any decoration you desire.

Before you go off hunting for wedding cakes it makes sense to get some ideas together. Browse through wedding magazines, visit a wedding fair or some cake shops to have a look at examples and of course have a taste of the cake!

Have a think about

  • How many tiers you would like - this is usually based on the number of guests
  • What type of cake you would like e.g. chocolate, sponge, sultana, heavy fruit cake, carrot or a combination.
  • What kind of filling you would like
  • What sort of decorations you would like on top of the cake
Don't worry if you aren't 100% sure of the answers to these questions. Your cake decorator should be able to help you out and let you know how many people each size of cake can serve. Fruit cake usually goes further than sponge cake as it is richer, so the portion size is smaller, but fruit cake is more expensive than sponge. If you decide to have different types of cake, you can't normally have fruit cake as the top layer as it is too heavy to sit on top of sponge.

If you decide to go for a cake from a cake designer you are probably going to pay in the region of 300-500 on avarage for a cake. If this is too much Marks & Spencers sell plain white iced wedding cakes, either fruit or sponge at a very reasonable price. You could easily dress it up by adding some ribbon and some fresh flowers.

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