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Friday, December 14, 2007

Our Last Game Drive and Cape St Francis (Nov 5th)

It was another early rise today at 6am for our final game drive. It was a beautiful sunny day with blue sky - a nice way to round off our stay at Amakhala.

We had a different ranger today a South African guy called Andre, as our previous ranger Matt was on holiday for a week. Our final drive was very enjoyable, but I think 2 days and 4 game drives is just about right as it allowed us to see most of the animals.

Here's a photo of a mother and baby rhino. We were lucky enough to see them on nearly all of our drives.

Mother and Baby Rhino
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On our last game drive we saw lots of giraffes and zebras again - there are over 200 zebras on the reserve.

Giraffe poking its head above the trees
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We also saw the elephants (in the distance amongst the trees again!), Rhino, a huge Tortoise, Springbok, Impala, Blesbok, Kudo and the rare Africa Fish Eagle.

River in Amalkhala Game Reserve
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We left Amakhala for our next destination - a brief stop in a place called Cape St Francis before continuing along the garden route. I have really enjoyed our stay at Amakhala - nice accommodation, fantastic game drives and rangers, excellent food and really welcoming staff who were friendly and made an effort to remember everyone's first name.

The drive to Cape St Francis was pleasant apart from a brief detour where we ended up on an unpaved road for miles and had visions of breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

We arrived in Cape St Francis in the early afternoon at our guesthouse Lyngenfjord. Since the weather was pretty horrible - very windy and a bit chilly, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and catching up on our sleep after those 6am starts. Our room was nice with great views over the beach, but a little bit old fashioned for our liking and the bed had the dreaded blankets on it, which do nothing for me apart from make me sneeze. We weren't really tempted to go for a walk on the beach as it was so wild and windy, so I didn't feel too bad about sleeping in the afternoon.

Stuart in a rocking chair in our room at Lyngenfjord

If I had to choose again I probably wouldn't have bothered coming here - I would have tried a little harder to get accommodation further along the garden route instead.

Going out for dinner was a difficult experience. The owner of the guesthouse was nowhere to be found so we couldn't get any advice on where to go for dinner. We drove around Cape St Francis and St Francis bay and found that almost every single restaurant was closed. The whole place was a bit eery, like a ghost town. St Francis Bay itself was a pleasant enough place with nice houses and a nice little waterfront area but there was just no atmosphere and no people around. Eventually we found a steakhouse and had a big meaty dinner before collapsing in our bed very early, still tired after all those early starts!

We found out the next day that Monday is the most common day in this area for restuarants to close. Never mind!

You can read more about St Francis Bay here.

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