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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From Edinburgh to Cape Town (Oct 30th)

Today Stuart and I struggled out of bed at 3.30am for our 5.50am flight to Amsterdam with KLM. We needn't have bothered getting up so early - when we arrived ast Edinburgh airport the place was dead. We were originally planning to try and wangle ourselves an upgrade but the woman at the checkin desk didn't actually work for KLM and she looked a bit on the evil "don't mess with me" side so we didn't bother.

We were over the luggage limite of 22kg by a couple of kilos each, but luckily we weren't charged anything so that was a good start. The time passed pretty slowly at Edinburgh due to the fact that practically nothing was open - not even Costa, so I'll remember that in future if I go for an early flight.

Stuart enquired about an upgrade in Amsterdam (since we were on honeymoon) but we were told that the flight was completely full, so no chance. (Does anyone on honeymoon really get an upgrade).

The flight from Amsterdam to Cape town was 11.5 hours, which was a bit of a disappointment given that I had thought it was 10hrs. I was pretty impressed with the Economy class in KLM though - it was a Boeing 777 and they had video on demand on all the seatbacks, which meant that rather than the usual 8 films all running at the same time, with half the plane visiting the toilet when a film finishes, they had a library over over 50 films, inlcuding some new releases, plus games, tv shows etc, which you could start and pause whenever you liked. They KLM staff were also very generous with drinks, so the combination of a few wines and lots of film watching made a huge difference.

We arrived in Cape Town, which is 2hrs ahead of Edinburgh at around 11pm and were picked up by a friendly driver who took us to Blackheath Lodge, our home for the next four nights.

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