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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A break from the Wedding Planning

It has been a couple of weeks now since I have posted anything. I have been ill with a chest infection and spent around 10 days in bed, feeling iller than I have ever done before. Luckily after a couple of rounds of antibiotics I am on the mend and feeling much much better. I don't get ill often, but I really hope that I don't come done with something on my wedding day!

The wedding planning has taken a back seat over the last month. Since we now have the venue booked, the registrar organised, a band, a photographer, videographer and my dress ordered I can breath a sigh of relief and have a rest for a little while.

Next month I will have to start thinking about other things such as the cake, invitations, wedding rings, bridesmaid's dresses, flowers and more. The list seems never ending!

I will be making another post soon with more tips on planning and booking things for your wedding in Edinburgh.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Honeymoon in South Africa

A few months ago we decided on our Honeymoon destination of South Africa. We started off thinking about Mauritius, but didn't really fancy 2 whole weeks on the beach, so we started to consider doing a two centre holiday, with a week in South Africa and a week in Mauritius. After speaking to a couple of my friends who have been to South Africa in the last two years and hearing how great it was and how a week wasn't nearly enough to do it justice, we decided to concentrate on South Africa.

I've spent lots of time reading guidebooks and websites and it looks absolutely fantastic. I don't know why I have never seriously thought about going here in the past. I'm getting quite excited about it now. We've decided to book the trip ourselves independently using the internet as I quite enjoy doing this and so far the itinerary looks something like this:

Day 1 - Arrive in Cape Town - (booked flights from Edinburgh->Cape Town with KLM for 560)
Day 5 - Leave Cape Town, Fly to Port Elizabeth and go on Safari at Amakala for 2 nights
Day 7 - Drive the Garden Route, staying at a few places on the way
Day 11 - Stop in Hermanus for some whale watching
Day 13 - Finish off our Honeymoon with three nights in the Winelands, sipping vino and chilling

The quality of the accommodation in South Africa looks excellent - there are lots of independent guesthouses and B&Bs that are quite luxurious, but at much cheaper prices than here. Eating out is also supposed to be great - lots of fresh seafood and again, pretty cheap compared to here.

So far we've booked our flights with KLM, Our internal flights between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth with South African Airlines (about 35 for a one way flight) and our 2 night Safari.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wedding Insurance

Ok, so wedding insurance is not the most exciting of subjects, but I thought it was worth a mention in my wedding planning blog!

Why would you want wedding insurance?

Possible reasons include:
  • Cancellation - you would lose your deposits and possibly the full amount if the wedding is cancelled due to illness, injury, death or redundancy.
  • Liquidation - one of your wedding suppliers could go into liquidation and you could lose your deposit.
  • Photographs - there is a possibility that your photos may not come out
  • Wedding Dress or other wedding attire - could be damaged or lost.
  • Suppliers - may not turn up

Hopefully none of these things will happen, but it's nice to know that if the worst did happen I would be covered.

I've had a look around the web for wedding insurance policies and there are a few available, mostly starting at around 50 and increasing if you need more coverage.

At the time of writing this, you can get Confetti Wedding Insurance for 54 and you get a free "Wedding Book of Calm".


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