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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Choosing a Wedding Band/Disco in Edinburgh

As I mentioned earlier I am concentrating on sorting out all the big things for the wedding just now - that is the band, the photographer, videographer and the dress.

Stuart and I have just spent the last couple of hours tonight listening to bands online. What would we do without the internet? Well, I imagine we'd have to pour over the Yellow Pages, phone lots of people, ask for their demo CD, wait days or weeks for them to arrive and then make the decision.

Instead we just sat on the sofa and listened to almost every wedding band listed on Hire a Band. This site is a great resource, listing over 50 wedding bands, along with their photo, information about the band, their setlist, testimonials and most importantly some sample tracks.

It took a while but we made a shortlist of the 5 that we liked best (from the 2 & 3 piece bands) and sent an enquiry off to find availability and price.

I'll make another post here when I have more news on that front. At the moment I am dying to tick something off that big to do list of mine, but a band needs very careful consideration - after all they will be playing for your guests for the whole evening, probably 4 hours or more. So I am not going to rush into a snappy decision.

Other obvious ways to find a band apart from this website are:

- Check the Yellow Pages (or Yell)
- Search Google or Yahoo for "Wedding Bands", "Wedding Music", Wedding Entertainment" or "Wedding Discos" in Edinburgh/Scotland (or wherever you are)
- Visit a Wedding Fair - there are usually a few bands giving out their contact details/CDs
- Ask your friends - sounds obvious, but most people have been to a wedding recently or know someone who has
- Check out the ads in the Scottish Wedding Directory

If you know of a good band, please feel free to post a comment here too!


Monday, January 29, 2007

Wedding Fairs in Edinburgh in 2007

One of the fun parts of planning a wedding is going to a wedding fair. It is a great chance to see lots of wedding suppliers under the one roof, have a glass of champers, view a wedding dress fashion show and sample a few pieces of yummy wedding cake.

Here is a list of all the wedding fairs in Edinburgh over the next few months that I am aware of. It is worth visiting the websites as some of these wedding fairs will allow you to buy tickets in advance for a special discounted price.

For the most up to date list wedding fairs list please visit Wedding Fairs in Edinburgh.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Wedding To Do List

A few days ago I decided to make a to do list.

Wow - it's not until you actually write it down that you see just how much there is to do.

Here's my list so far in order (and I am sure that there are plenty undiscovered tasks still to add!)

- Choose & Book Photographer
- Choose & Book Videographer
- Choose & Book a Band/Disco
- Get Wedding Insurance
- Start Looking for Wedding Dress
- Decide on Honeymoon Itinerary
- Book Hair Appointments
- Choose & buy Wedding Dress
- Book Honeymoon Accommodation
- Choose & buy Bridesmaid Dresses
- Find Makeup Artist & Book
- Organise & Book Flowers
- Choose & Order Invites
- Choose & Book Cakes
- Choose & Buy Wedding Rings
- Choose and have Tasting of wedding breakfast
- Decide on & arrange music for Ceremony/Drinks
- Arrange any formal wear (groom/best man etc)
- Setup a Gift List (John Lewis?)
- Write & Send Invites
- Decide on Vows, readings etc
- Hair Trial
- Seating Plan
- Get Gifts for bridesmaids/best man/mothers etc
- Fill in forms and submit to registry office
- Submit Ceremony Booklet to registrar


Luckily I don't have to do all of the above in a short time scale. Now that we have booked the venue and the registrar the next most important things are finding a photographer, finding a band/disco, finding a videographer and starting to look for my dress.

At the moment I'm actually feeling quite pleased with myself as I have made a list of photographers, visited their websites and got price lists, chosen a shortlist and made an appointment to see one of them. I've also made appointments to visit 6 wedding dress shops in Edinburgh on the first three Saturdays of February. I've found a potential wedding band and disco and listened to their sample CD - sounds good, just need to make a decision. We've also booked our honeymoon flights... South Africa here we come! Plus, my friend Ailsa who got married last year has lent us her wedding DVD, which we will look at and decide whether or not to get our DVD done by the same place.


Anyway, more about photographers, videographers, honeymoons and wedding dresses next time.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Buying a Wedding Dress in Edinburgh

Well, it's now January and less than ten months until the big day, so it's time to start thinking about choosing a wedding dress. On one hand I am looking forward to this - trying on lots of expensive dresses has to be good fun, right? On the other hand I find the thought a little nerve wracking. I am a bit heavier than I'd like to be, especially after the festivities of Christmas and New Year and the thought of standing there in front of everyone in my bra and knickers as I try on dresses under the scrutinisation of everyone fills me with dread. I hear that it's not like being in a "normal" shop, where you go into the changing room, try something on, decide it looks awful and don't bother coming out to show anyone. There is no place to hide...

I have made my first appointment for Saturday 3rd February, so at least that gives me 3 more weeks to ramp up my fitness routine and lose a few more pounds :-)

I'll make another post to this blog once I have been for my appointment, but until then here is a list of some of the wedding dress shops in Edinburgh:

A lot of the shops have websites (links above) so you can have a browse through the dresses before you go and get an idea of what you like. I'm probably going to try and visit most of these shops, with the exception of Caroline Castigliano (gowns start at 1000+ so too expensive) and Emma Roy, as I have been told by at least 5 different people that the service is terrible there.

Anyway, I am off to browse though some dresses!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Having a Civil Ceremony in Scotland

If you are not having a church ceremony, then the first thing you need do once you have booked your wedding venue is to book a registrar to conduct your civil ceremony.

In the recent past you could only have a civil ceremony in a Registry Office, but thankfully these days you can be married in a hotel or another venue, as long as that venue has a license to hold a civil ceremony. Getting married in a registry office has never really appealed to me, but I am looking forward to my ceremony, which will be held in a lovely room in the Balmoral hotel.

Once you have your venue booked you need to fill in an AP1 form and hand it into or send it to your nearest registry office. If you have booked a hotel for your wedding ceremony the wedding/events co-ordinator should be able to give you this form. He or she will need to fill out part of the form before you can send it to the registry office.

The main registry office in Edinburgh is in India Buildings in Victoria street (the road that leads from George IV Bridge to the Grassmarket:

2 India Buildings
Victoria Street
Tel: 0131 220 0349

There is also a registry office in Ferry Road, Leith and Currie, Kirkliston and South Queensferry.

You also need to make a payment with the AP1 form. At the time of writing this is a 220 for getting married on a Saturday.

I decided to hand in the form and cheque in person and I received a pack with lots of information in it about the ceremony itself - what was going to happen during the ceremony and which parts we could change or add to ourselves - more about that nearer the time. There was also a booklet of suggested readings plus a load of advertising bumf.

I would recommend getting the registrar booked as early as possible, especially if your wedding is in the summer. I booked the registrar about a month ago and I was the first name in the book, but this is probably because we are getting married at the end of October, which isn't as popular as the summer months.

You can find out more about registering marriages on the Civil Ceremony in Edinburgh page.


Happy New Year

Well it's goodbye 2006, and hello 2007. Happy New Year!!

I have to admit being rather lazy with the wedding planning over the last month or so. With Christmas pressies to buy and holidays from work it has been a good excuse to forget about the wedding planning and concentrate on Christmas and Hogmany.

But never mind, I still have almost ten whole months to go (or nine months and 25 days to be more precise). There is certainly plenty to think about - a wedding dress, photographer, band/DJ, wedding cake, videographer, getting fit, bridesmaid dresses, invitations, wedding list, wedding rings, seating plan - argh! Where to begin?

Over the next couple of months I'm going to be concentrating on the big things - i.e. the photographer, the band and/or DJ and the wedding dress. I'll be making quite a few posts over the next few weeks with the findings of my research, so watch this space.

Today is my last day of holiday from work so I'm off now to get a nice glass of vino and make a post on booking a wedding Registrar, which is one of the things that I have actually done.

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