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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our list of Possible Wedding Venues in Edinburgh

We've now made a first pass at our guest list and we're looking at around 64 people + around 7 children during the day and an extra 30 or so at night.

I've also contacted the following places to get a copy of their wedding brochure or I've visited their website for information.

For all the hotels below you'll find their website address if they have one along with the approximate price for a wedding in 2007 of the numbers listed above including the ceremony and reception room hire (if applicable), the adult meal package price, drinks package price, children's meal price and buffet for 80% of the total guests. This should only be used as an approximate price for guidance only as things change, there are many types of meal and drinks package (I have used the cheapest ones for comparison purposes).

The next step is to make a shortlist of the hotels that we like (and can afford) then phone up the wedding/events co-ordinator at the hotel and make appointments to come and see the hotel (aka "a wedding show round").

Get some more suggestions for Hotels in Edinburgh.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Choosing a wedding venue in Edinburgh

The two most common questions I got when I told people that we had got engaged were:

1) Can I see your ring?
2) Have you set a date yet?

You can read all about choosing an engagement ring in Edinburgh here.

As for the date, I have the idea in my head of the end of September or beginning of October 2007, but it's impossible in my opinion to set an exact date until you have decided on a venue. If you have one single date in your head, then you may find that your favourite venue isn't available on that date.

You'll have to decide where you would like to get married first. Do you want to have a religious ceremony in a church, or would you prefer to have a civil ceremony. in a registry office, hotel or other venue?

Personally, we decided to go for a civil ceremony. The main reason for this is that neither of us are really religious and we don't attend church so we would feel more comfortable having a civil ceremony.

If you have decided to have a civil ceremony you will find the following list very useful. This is a list of all the approved places in Scotland for civil ceremonies. Scroll down to find all the Edinburgh civil ceremony venues.

We decided that we'd like to have the ceremony and the reception in the same venue so I've spent some time over the last few weeks researching possible wedding venues. There are various ways to do this:

(1) Phone up all the potential wedding venues in your area and request a wedding brochure. Most hotels have a pack that contains photgraphs and information about holding a wedding including prices for the meal, room hire, drinks package, buffet, canapes etc.

(2) Use Google to search for the hotel & venue websites and find the section of the website that has wedding information. Most venues have some information on their website about this. At the minimum you'll find a brief overview and a contact number, but some websites have full details of wedding packages in downloadable PDF files.

(3) If you are looking to hold your wedding in a hotel I really recommend looking at TripAdvisors list of Hotels in Edinburgh. This list is ordered by popularity of the hotel based on actual traveller's reviews. If you have a venue in mind you can check out the review comments here - you probably won't want to get married in a hotel that had lots of shoddy reviews!

Make a list of all the potential venues. I find it really useful to use an excel spreadsheet. First you'll need to make a list of the guests that you'd like to invite and add up the totals for the number of children and the number of adults both during the day and in the evening.

Most hotels will separate out the costs for the meals, drinks, venue etc so all you need to do is multiply the drinks & meal package cost together and multiply this by the number of adult day guests, then multiply the childs meal cost by the number of children day guests and add all of this together with the cost of the venue hire if applicable. Finally most venues ask you to cater for at least 80% of the guests for the evening buffet so you'll need to add the day and the night guests together, take 80% of this and multiply it by the buffet costs. Phew! You'll then be able to compare the different venues easily and quickly find out whether or not they are within your budget.

Make sure you have a look at the packages that the hotel offers. Many of them include extras in the package which can save you money e.g. a Piper, flowers on the top table and/or all the tables, cake stand and knife, red carpet, a room for the bride & groom etc.

Finally you need to make a short list and start making appointments to go and see the hotels.

Watch out for my next post where I will tell you the list of my possible wedding venues.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Buying an engagement ring in Edinburgh

There are many good jewellery shops in Edinburgh to purchase an engagement ring from.

According to one of the jewellers that I spoke to around 40% of men purchase the engagement ring before they propose, whereas around 60% prefer to go shopping for the ring with their fiancee.

Here's a quick list of some of the jewellers shops in Edinburgh:
  • Laing the Jeweller - 29 Frederick Street
  • Mappin and Webb - 88 George Street
  • Lime Blue - 107 George Street
  • Hamilton and Inches - 87 George Street
  • Alisatir Wood Tait - 116a Rose Street
  • John Whyte - 116b Rose Street

These are just the ones that I visited, but there are plenty more, so check the Yellow pages as well.

When we went shopping for a ring we were both completely clueless about diamonds. I knew that I fancied a Platinum or White Gold ring with a Solitaire, but that was about it! I visited around 5 or 6 different Jewellers around the George Street area of Edinburgh, trying on a few rings in each shop. In the end I got a half carat diamand solataire set in a Platinum ring from Laing's. I really recommend going to Laing's first if you are clueless about diamonds, The girl we spoke to was very nice and explained everything to us, answering all our questions. I even had the pleasure of trying on a 31,500 ring, but Stuart's budget didn't quite stretch to that :-)

I've got quite chunky fingers so unfortunately most of the rings would only fit on my pinky! They tend to stock most of the rings in an average size and then they will size the ring to fit your finger, so don't worry if you have fat or skinny fingers! Laing's took around 3 working days to size my ring to a size P.

Here's a little bit of information on diamonds in case you are a complete diamond novice like me:

Diamonds are graded for certification by laboratories using grading criteria. Four of these criteria are critical to understand when making a diamond purchase or investment. Known as the ?Four C?s? these criteria are: colour, cut, clarity and carat.

Colour is the result of the composition of a diamond and it does not change. When a jeweller is describing the colour of a diamond they are referring to the presence or absence of color in white diamonds. Because a diamond with no color allows maximum light to pass through, colorless diamonds are preferred for their sparkle.

Cut refers to a diamonds reflective quality. Most diamonds are cut with 58 facets. The brilliance of diamonds is heavily dependent on the cut. The different angles and the finish of a diamond determine its ability to reflect light and cause its brilliance and fire. Remember that the cut of a diamond can have an impact on its durability as well as its beauty. Some cutting faults can make a diamond prone to breakage. A diamond that is cut too thin can also cause light to leak out of the back and the diamond will lose some of the sparkle and appear not to shine. So, as you can see the Cut is probably the most important of the Four C?s.

During the formation process, inner flaws, or inclusions occur in most diamonds. The number and size of these inclusions determine what is referred to as the clarity of a diamond. Diamonds that are clear create more brilliance and therefore are rarer and highly priced. To be considered?flawless?, a diamond must have no surface or internal imperfections visible upon being viewed by a skilled diamond grader using 10 power magnifications.

Carat is the unit of weight by which diamonds are measured. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. A carat is divided into 100 segments called points. 150 points would equal one and a half carats.

When you go to the jewellers to make that all important diamond purchase, don't be shy. Ask questions, get the answers needed to make an informed purchase. Shopping for certified diamonds enables you to make an informed selection. Knowing the ?four C?s? allows you to comparison shop and purchase the best diamond at a fair price. But, before making a purchase, shop around and decide what shapes and styles really appeal to you. Enjoy your diamond for years to come!


Welcome to Diary of a Wedding in Edinburgh

Hi and welcome to "Diary of a Wedding in Edinburgh".

First, a little about me. My name is Suzanne and on August 31st 2006 I got engaged to my boyfriend Stuart after he proposed to me at a lovely romantic meal in Quebec City, Canada.

I'll be doing a lot of wedding planning over the next year, so I decided that rather than let all my research go to waste I am going to keep a diary of my wedding planning including information on all the venues that I look into, wedding fairs, flowers, food, wedding dresses, invitations, favours, music, photograhy, budget etc,

Hopefully this will be very useful for other brides to be who are planning their wedding, especially those of you who plan to get married in Edinburgh.

Here is an index of all my posts so far, organised by topic:

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