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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Wedding - Saturday 27th October 2007

The half hour before the wedding ceremony was a bit blurry - after some photos of me with my bridesmaids and mum & dad in the room, the registrar came up to the room to speak to my sister Karen (one of the witnesses) & I, basically to let me know what would happen during the ceremony, where I had to sign and to check that I was in fact wanting to marry Stuart and hadn't previously been a man (!)

After that, it was down to the front door for some photos and then into the ceremony room with the Piper, my dad and the bridesmaids.

The ceremony was really nice and went really well. Kirsteen & Michelle did lovely readings and Stuart & I managed to happily get through to vows and ring exchange.

Here is a photo of Stuart & I with our witnesses Karen and Simon after the signing of the register.

Karen, Me, Stuart and Simon after signing the register
Photo by PhotoCom

Stuart & I after signing the register
Photo by PhotoCom

After the ceremony we went to the room next door for some more photos and a much needed glass of champers while the guests went downstairs tot he Waverley Suite for some pre dinner drinks.

Me after the wedding ceremony
Photo by Robert Brown

There was about an hour or so of photography - after which I felt I had lost the ability to smile. Thankfully the champagne helped us to continue with the smiling and the posing.

Here are a couple of the photos.

Stuart and I with Jeff, Karen & Emma, Dad and Mum:

Stuart, Me, Jeff, Karen & Emma, Dad, Mum
Photo by PhotoCom

Stuart and I:

Stuart & I
Photo by PhotoCom

After the photographs we had a little while to mingle with the guests and drink a little champagne, then it was time for the lineup. Morris, the master of ceremonies must have got the point across to the guests about being quick as it was the quickest lineup ever -it took less than 5 minutes for around 60 guests to greet our parents and Stuart and I!

We had decided to have the speeches before the meal to allow everyone to relax. My Dad's speech was funny and nice and short, although I think he did embellish the truth a bit (i.e. Stuart and I meeting for the first time across a meeting room at work!). Stuart's speech was very nice and quite emotional. Simon's speech was quite hilarious and suitably embarrassing for Stuart :-)

Our meal was lentil and tomato soup, followed by chicken in red wine sauce with veg & potatoes then apple tart. It was quite disappointing as the food was nowhere near as good as it had been in our tasting and mine was pretty lukewarm as well, so I hope it wasn't like that for everyone.

After dinner there was a bit of a break and some drinks while they turned round the Holyrood suite ready for the evening reception.

The evening reception was great - our band Pulse was excellent, we managed to cut the cake ok and get through the first dance without tripping up.

Here's a cake cutting shot.

cutting the wedding cake

Overall it was a fantastic day and we had a great time. When we got back to our room after the evenng reception the Balmoral had left a bottle of Bollinger on ice and some chocolate dipped strawberries which was a nice touch and we "forced ourselves" to polish of the champagne, which was a lovely end to the day.

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At 6:23 PM, Blogger ATom said...

Love the site/blog.

Now it's all over, do you think there was anything you wish you'd spent more on or taken greater care in selecting?

AND was there anthing you feel you spent more than required on or took too much time/effort in choosing?

Thanks A.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger S Thomson said...

Hi A,

Overall I am pretty happy with everything! The venue was great, I loved my dress and was happy with the flowers, the cake, the band, photos, DVD etc.

I did spend a lot of time researching everything and it has taken a lot of my time, but the planning was all really enjoyable, escpecially the wedding fairs, choosing the dresses and visiting all the venues.



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