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Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting Ready for the Wedding (Sat 27th Oct 2007)

This morning I sprung out of bed at around 7am - Kirsteen claims that this is the first time she has seen me spring out of bed. We had a shower and a nice breakfast in the Balmoral of smoked salmon, cereal, toast, cheeses and fruit juice. I decided to save the fat boy fry up until the day after the wedding.

My wee sister Karen came up to the hotel at around 8.45am and we wandered down to the hairdresser - John Malcolm on Forth Street where we met Jenny and had our hair put up while drinking a glass of bucks fizz - a nice start to the morning.

Here's a piccie of my hair at the back:

My Wedding Hairdo

And Karen's hair at the back:

Karen's wedding hairdo

At 11am Jenny and Kirsteen went to Bobbie Brown at Jenners to have their makeup done and Carole came to the hotel to do my makeup.

Wedding Makeup

at 12 my Mum and Karen went to Bobbi Brown for their makeup and Jenny, Kirsteen and I had a much needed glass of champers.

Kirsteen practises her posing for later...

Drinkie for Kirsteen

I take the last opportunity to slouch in my dressing gown.

Pre Wedding Drinkie for me

Jenny enjoys her first drink of many ;-)

Drinkie for Jenny
The flowers arrived on time and were beautiful. Three bridesmaid's hand tied bouquets of black baccarat rose and Vandella Rose with a few Eringium Thistle and my bridal shower bouquet of Black baccarat rose, Vandella rose, White Cala Lily and Denrobium.

Wedding Flowers
Since the ceremony was starting at 2.30pm I decided to get into my dress just after 1pm so that we wouldn't be in a rush trying to get our dresses on.

Tying the Dresses



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Wedding In Edinburgh