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Friday, October 19, 2007

Wedding at Craighouse, Napier University, Edinburgh

Last Saturday Stuart and I went to a wedding at Craighouse, which is part of Napier University in Edinburgh. The wedding was between Nicky (a friend of Stuart's) and Lynsey. I thought it was worth a mention, because it is a venue that we never visited when we were planning our wedding.

The venue was really lovely. It was a Victorian building, originally built in 1894 as a hospital and extensively refurbished in 1994 to become one of Napier's campuses. Craighouse is set on a hill and the views of Edinburgh are fantastic, so it is a great place for wedding photos overlooking Edinburgh with really nice grounds.

The civil ceremony was held in a room with nice big windows (the Castle room, I think) and was a lovely setting for a ceremony. This was actually the first time that I have been to a civil wedding ceremony in Edinburgh. I wasn't too keen on the registrar as she kept cracking terrible jokes and coerced the best men (there were 3 of them!) and also the bridesmaids to say something during the ceremony because she was disappointed that there were no readings. Stuart and I both hope that we don't get her for our wedding (argh!).

After the ceremony there was a drinks reception outside on the stairs and balcony over looking a great view of Edinburgh. It was a bit chilly, but the setting was great.

The reception was held in an impressive hall called the Turmeau Hall (below).

Turmeau Hall, Napier, Edinburgh

We had a really nice buffet dinner, followed by dancing in the evening and the bride, Lynsey looked lovely in a pale blue desinger wedding gown.

All in all a very nice venue. The only downside is the distance from the city centre - you would need to take a bus or drive there.



At 6:31 PM, Blogger 2bsmart said...

Thanks for that little insight into the venue, i am getting married there 25th October 2008 and is nice to get someone elses opinion!
Also your blog is great because im using your planning timelines as you are getting married exactly a year before me.
Cant wait to see your pictures!!!

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Argyll said...

I've just provisionaly booked 8th November 2008 and its great to hear about wedding already held there.

Cant decide if we are going to hold ceremony there especially as registrar sounds bit scary!

Location is ideal for us. Most of our guests will be travelling some distance and it has good links to bypass & motorway as well as onsite parking also I just stay up the road from it!

Looking forward to following your blog.

At 1:18 PM, Blogger S Thomson said...

Argyll - I wouldn't worry about it - the registrar isn't connected to the venue - they are chosen from a large pool of registrars so you are likely to get someone different.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Colette said...

We're getting married there June 2009 and are really looking forward to it too! We're planning a humanist ceremony on the grass with the views in the background and if it's a dreary day we have the option of the Castle Room! I am still a little worried about the distance of the bar from the dancefloor and knowing most of our lot I am slightly concerned they'll never leave the bar and join in. As a guest did you find it inconvenient at all?

At 3:06 AM, Blogger S Thomson said...

Hi Collette,

No - I don't remember finding this inconvenient as a guest.

Most people spent some time in the bar and some time on the dancefloor, so there were always a good few people in each place.



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