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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Strange Dreams Before the Wedding Day

It's a little weird, but I've had quite a few strange dreams about the wedding day.

In last night's dream I dreamt that I used the wedding dress shop's sample veil (which I have borrowed for my hair trial) instead of my own veil. It then fell apart and the comb part of it separated from the veil. Guests whom I hadn't invited turned up at the wedding and many of the guests whom I had invited didn't turn up at all. My hairstyle went totally wrong and by the time the evening reception had arrived I was in the toilets trying to make it look ok. The band that turned up wan't the band we ordered and they played a rock/pop song instead of our first dance. Then I couldn't find Stuart for the first dance, realised we hadn't practised our steps at all. When he did turn up he was dressed in trousers rather than a kilt and had broken his ankle.

I suppose it's quite normal to have all these dreams since I have spent so much time planning the wedding day and it is less than 3 weeks to go now. Lets just hope that all these things that go wrong are just bad dreams and won't actually happen on the big day!



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Wedding In Edinburgh