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Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Final Wedding Dress Fitting

On Thursday I had another of these days where I was rushing around like a headless chicken. I worked all morning, went to a personal training session at the gym at lunch time, took the car into town and down to Armchair theatre in Abbeyhill to hand in my final cheque for the payment of the wedding DVD along with a CD with some music on it for them to use, grabbed a sandwich for lunch, went up the town, met my Mum for a quick coffee in the Dome, picked up my engagement ring from Lime Blue (looks very sparkly now after its polish!), tried to find some nice wedding stockings/holdups in Debenhams with no success, then went to Berketex and met Jenny and Kirsteen for our dress fittings.

I tried the dress on again and everything still fits and I still like it, thank goodness. Jenny was also having her final fitting and Kirsteen her first fitting and they both looked lovely in their dresses.

I spent a good amount of time prancing around in my dress and felt quite happy in it. Hopefully on the day with the hair and the makeup all done I will look the part!

If you are budgeting for your wedding remember to add in the cost of dress alterations. I forgot about this and have no idea what the average price is, but to give you an idea for your budgeting, the alterations to my wedding dress (hem taken up + something done to the bustle) was 60. The alterations to the bridesmaid's dresses were also 60 each (hem taken up and dresses taken in a bit). This was through an independent fitter who comes into Berketex. My sister Karen, on the other hand lives in Dublin and the same sort of alterations to her dress are costing around 50 Euro.

It is Saturday today and it is exactly a week to go until the wedding. My skin looks good today without a blemish in sight, so I am hoping that it will be like that on the big day! I am also starting to feel a little nervous as well. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.

I have pretty much finished all my wedding planning now. Last night I made the wedding favours for the ladies at the wedding - little cream boxes tied with burgandy satin ribbon, with really nice chocolates inside. So nice in fact, that I ate about 5 of them while I was doing it, so I am off the the gym now to do a good hard workout (for the 5th time this week!).

My makeup crisis has also been resolved. My personal trainer Carole is also a makeup artist and she is going to come to the hotel on Saturday to do my makeup. I have a trial with her on Sunday, so hopefully that one will go much better than the previous one :-)

I am going over to Kirsteen's tonight to meet up with her and my other friends Michelle and Ailsa for a few glasses of cava, then the plan is to work hard all weekend on my business and take the rest of the week off, relaxing and having the occassional beauty treatment!

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