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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Growing Your Nails for the Wedding

I'v always been envious of people with lovely nails and hands. You know - long slim fingers, long perfectly manicured nails with a french polish. Unforunately I have never had long slim fingers or long nails. I don't bite them, but they always seem to break when they have reached the length of being slightly longer than my fingers :-(

I am dreaming of having nice long nails for the wedding. I can't do much about the fingers, but after a bit of research I have found that there are a few options for my nails.

While getting a manicure at Zen I asked for some tips for growing my nails. They recommended a cuticle oil, rubbed in to my cuticles daily. I am using Essie Apricot Cuticle oil, which I bought from the salon for about 7. They also recommended something called Nail Envy by OPI. Basically you paint on two coats of nail envy onto your nails. It is just like clear nail varnish, so it looks nice. Each day you then paint another coat on to your nails and then at the end of the week remove it and start again.

I have been doing the cuticle oil and the nail envy thing now for a couple of weeks and I can really notice the difference. My nails look nicer and also seem harder. I am going to keep going with this and if all else fails and I still have short nails a couple of weeks before the wedding I may consider gel tips or something similar.

Nail Envy can be bought in Boots for around 15, but I managed to get it on Ebay for 9 including postage. You can do a search for nail envy on Ebay here.

If you aren't a member of Ebay already you can register on eBay for free.

Another reason why nails may break easily is lack of magnesium. From what I could work out it seems quite hard to get your full quota of magnesium into your diet, so I am taking a vitamin and mineral supplement to cover that.

Hopefully my efforts will pay off and I will have nice nails for the wedding!



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