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Friday, September 14, 2007

Dying the Shoes for the Bridesmaids

Well, I had not really had anything go wrong so far in the wedding preparation, up until now. All I can say to anyone who is thinking of getting shoes dyed for their bridesmaids is: don't buy your shoes from BHS (British Home Stores).

As you may know, I have three bridesmaids and a couple of months back I bought them all some nice looking bridal shoes from BHS for 22 each. The shoes were ivory coloured and BHS said that they were dyable.

I sent them away to a place in Newcastle to get dyed and they phoned me up almost immediately to tell me that they had had problems with dying some BHS shoes in the past in dark colours - they had either gone a lighter shade or patchy, what did I want to do? I decided to go ahead with the shoe dying anyway, as I couldn't think of any alternative, but unfortunately they have now come back looking quite different from the colour of the dresses :-(

The shoe dying place sent me a piece of material that they had dyed to the same colour as my bridesmaid dress swatch to prove that the problem was with the shoes and not their colour mixing and it was quite obvious that the problem was with the shoes as they had matched the colour almost perfectly.

So it is now getting closer to the time of the dress fittings for the bridesmaids so I am going to have to think of a solution pretty quickly. The plan is to go into Berketex with Kirsteen tomorrow just to check that whether or not there is any remote chance that the shoes will go with the dresses. If not, then we will trail round all the shoe shops in Edinburgh in the hope of finding some matching shoes. If that doesn't work I could buy shoes from the place that dyed the shoes and know that they would be able to match the colour in this case.

Come back for an update soon...



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