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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Setting up a Wedding Gift List

To have a wedding gift list, or not to have a gift list?

Some people prefer not to have a gift list, as they are worried that wedding guests may think that they are rude, or presumptious. I know that personally if I am invited to someone's wedding I am always relieved to find out that they have a gift list. It can often be hard to buy a wedding present, as there is always the chance that you will buy something that the couple have already, or buy the same thing as someone else. A gift list takes away the guessing and means that you can be sure you are buying something that is wanted (even if it is something boring like pots and pans!).

So with that in mind, Stuart and I decided to have a gift list. We chose John Lewis because

a) There is a good selection of products to choose from
b) People can buy online, by telephone or in store in Edinburgh or Glasgow
c) They don't charge guests for delivery (unlike Debenhams)

We imagined that doing the gift list thing would be an enjoyable experience, but it was actually more difficult than we expected. For couples that are buying a place together for the first time and haven't already furnished and accessorised their home it should be quite easy, but since we have had our house together for over a year now, we actually have most of the things we need.

We spent an hour and a half or so, wandering about in John Lewis with a scanner, choosing the gifts, bumping into lots of other couples doing the same thing, as we went round the store. Unfortunately the scanner didn't work very reliably so we had to type in the numbers a lot. Sometimes when we thought of something that we needed e.g. a knife block & knives, we couldn't always find one that we liked and some of the things we found didn't have any numbers or barcodes on them. So, it wasn't as fun as we thought it would be and we only managed to add about 15 things on to our list during that time! It looks like we will be back again (and maybe again after that).

One good thing is that you can go back as many times as you like, or you can add things to your list and review your list on the John Lewis website. The gift list "goes live" 6 weeks before the wedding and you can still add and remove anything after the gift list is live.



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