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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Choosing Wedding Flowers

I have to say, I don't have a clue about flowers, or which flowers go best together.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the task of choosing the flowers for our wedding reception as well as the bridal bouquets and bridesmaid bouquets.

The Balmoral includes some flowers in the wedding package - flowers for all the tables, a pedestal, flowers for the top table and a cake table garland. These are done by Garlands florist in Elm row. I went there with my Mum a couple of weeks back with no ideas apart from the colours (to match the bridesmaid dresses) and the fact that I would like some thistles, since it is a Scottish wedding.

Since I was going to Garland's I decided to get a quote from them for my bouquets as well, but now, almost two weeks later I am still waiting for that quote!

Overall they were quite helpful, although I found that the flower package must be quite minimal in terms of the budget, because nearly everything I asked for, the reply was "you would need to upgrade for that". Aparantly all the packages and flowers have changed now, so this may no longer be the case with the Balmoral's package.

In the end I decided on flowers for the table that included thistles, some other flowers which I can't recall the name of (which match the bridesmaid dresses) and some white spray flowers, again which I can't remember (I did say I was pretty useless when it came to flowers!).

I also asked for a quote for my bridal bouquet, which was made up of two different colours of roses (the colour is secret for now), with smaller versions of the same bouquet for the three bridesmaids. I am still waiting for that quote, as I mentioned, so I'll update this post soon.

I think it is always good to go to at least 2 or 3 florists when you are looking for flowers, to compare prices, quality, experience etc. Since I live in Corstorphine I decided to visit two local florists.

I went to a place called "Flower Bomb" on St John's road. This is quite a new florist, just a couple of months old. They seemed quite helpful and good with suggestions and ideas, but I decided against going with them as they have a) only done two weddings before and didn't have many photos of previous work and b) they said they would send me a quote and they haven't! Three weeks later.

Finally, I visited quite an established Florist, again on St Johns Road, called Williamsons. The lady in here was the most knowledgeable and helpful florist that I have spoken to and she made lots of suggestions, showed lots of photos and explained that Williamson's has lots of branches throughout Edinburgh and Fife and all the bridal arrangements are done by their Floral designers in Williamson's garden centre in Uphall. She was also able to give me a rough guide to the prices (around 80 for the bridal bouquet and 60 for each of the bridesmaids) and said that if I decided to order I could change my mind about the types of flowers if I wanted to.

I more or less decided that I wanted to order my bridal flowers from Williamson's, but decided I would wait until the quote came in from Garland's. As I said, I am still waiting for this so hopefully in the next couple of days I will get things sorted out.

Anyway, I will be glad to get this part over with as I am just not a flower type of person. My experience goes no further than buying a nice bunch from M&S for Mother's day!

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