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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Choosing a Wedding Cake

Yesterday we ordered our wedding cake from Jenners in Princes Street, Edinburgh. Hooray, yet another thing to tick off the list! I'm feeling quite smug now :-)

I had decided against going for the expensive designer cakes costing around 300-500 from the various cakes shops around Edinburgh. Yes, they do look lovely, but I just feel that I don't want to spend this much money on a cake.

I was tempted to go visiting all the cake shops for some ideas and of course some free samples, but it is only 4 months to go till the big day and I really have to try and stick to this blasted diet!

So yesterday afternoon I dragged Stuart along to Jenners to choose a cake. He had strong ideas like "it must be a square cake", so I decided that choosing the cake myself would be a bad idea, in case it wasn't to his taste.

Jenners have a display cabinet of cakes just outside the foodhall. You can view some of their wedding cakes and birthday cakes here and also pick up a leaflet with prices, types of cake and number of portions for each cake.

At the time of writing the details are:
6" sponge - 25, serves 20-22
8" sponge - 35, serves 26-40
10" sponge - 55, serves 50-80
12" sponge - 70, serves 80-120

6" heavy fruit - 65 serves 40-45
8" fruit - 75, serves 55-80
10" fruit - 105, serves 80-120
12" fruit - 145, serves 110-150

You just need to grab a member of stafff in the foodhall and they will get one of the cake decorators to come and speak to you. You can also browse through an album of photos of their previous work and look at a cake magazine for ideas. There were some truly amazing cakes in there. There was a wedding cake with Shrek and Fiona on the top of it which was fantastic, but not really within the theme of our wedding!

In the end we decided to order one that looked very like a cake in the display cabinet. 3 Tiers of square sponge cake - the bottom layer chocolate and the middle and the top layers of sponge. White icing, small blocks between each layer so they aren't directly on top of one another, little white icing thistles around the cake, tartan ribbon around each of the cake boards and some decorative thistles. Hard to explain, but it looked classy and came to a total of 145 which is pretty good.

We originally wanted a layer of fruit cake on the top, but aparantly this isn't possible as fruit cake is too heavy to sit on top of sponge cake. We didn't really want to go for a bottom layer of sponge since I know so many people who are not a fan of sponge cake, so we decided to go for three layers of sponge and consider ordering a separate layer of fruit to serve with the wedding cake.

After we had ordered and paid the 25% deposit Stuart had a confused look on his face. I couldn't believe it when I asked him what was wrong and he said "Mmm. I'm thinking that we should have ordered a round cake instead of a square one". I couldn't believe it. Why couldn't he have told me that 10 minutes earlier! Argh!!!

We have decided to stick with the square cake after all.



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