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Friday, June 08, 2007

Cheap Wedding Invitations

I thought it was about time that I started investigating the next thing on my to do list - Wedding Invitations. I read in a magazine a while back that the average spend on wedding stationary is 300! Call me a stinge, but that seems rather a lot to me. I'd prefer to spend 100 and save the rest of the cash for extra drinkies at the wedding reception :-)

I still want something classy, mind you, but I don't want to spend too much (like everything in life really).

Luckily the package for the Balmoral includes all the name cards, menu cards and seating plan, so all I really need to worry about is invitations and Thankyou cards.

After a little research at wedding fairs, wedding magazines and on the internet I found that the majority of classy wedding invites are priced in the 2 and above bracket. So I've decided to think about two options:

Homemade wedding invitations

I'm not very artistic, so I plan on visiting the Confetti Shop where you can get things like inserts, outers, ribbons, decorations etc and create your own invitation. Depending on what you want to do you can usually pick up an outer, inner, envelope and some sort of ribbon or decoration for under a pound. I've not decided whether this is for me yet, but I plan on visiting the Confetti shop in Glasgow for a look sometime over the next week.

Visit Trusty Ebay

Ebay is not just for old or unwanted items, there are actually thousands of wedding invitations on there too. Most of them are sold by people who have their own small business creating invitations and they are generally much more reasonably priced than in the shops.

It's just a case of browsing through all the different types of inviations and then buying a sample, which is usually around 1 or so. Yesterday I ordered 3 different samples and if I like any of them I just need to go ahead and contact the seller to arrange for a full batch of them.

If you aren't a member of Ebay you can register on

Just search on Ebay for wedding invitations to see the complete list.

I'll make another update, perhaps even with some pictures once I've gathered together my invitation samples!



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