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Friday, May 25, 2007

Another visit to the Balmoral Hotel

On Saturday I went back to the Balmoral with Stuart and my mum to remind myself what the ceremony room and reception room were like. Since I'll have to think about flowers soon I wanted to have a picture of the room fresh in my head.

I had thought that we were just going to see the rooms again, but it seemed that the wedding co-ordinator had decided to take that opportunity to get all the final details about the day. I suddenly felt very unorganised when she asked about my flowers and florist (not organised), music for the ceremony (not organised) and various other questions that I hadn't even considered. Three pages of questions later and Stuart was starting to twitch as he was about to miss the kickoff for the football, so I let him off the hook so he could go to the pub while I looked at the rooms again with my Mum.

I wasn't disappointed... although the rooms were not set up for a wedding like they were the last time, they still looked lovely. The ceremony room (Esk suite) has nice big fireplaces with living flame fires at either end of the room and big windows overlooking Princes Street, the gardens and Edinburgh Castle. Since the rooms are in such neutral colours I think any sort of flowers will go, so this will make it much easier to choose flowers.

Here are a few photos of the Esk Suite. Unfortunately it was not set up for a wedding on the day we visited:

Esk Suite, Balmoral

Esk Suite Fireplace, Balmoral

The reception room (Holyrood suite) was also how I remembered it, with nice big windows overlooking the castle, which will be lovely at night when everything is lit up.

Holyrood Suite, Balmoral

Holyrood Suite, Balmoral

We also had a look at a couple of bedrooms, one of them a suite with its own dining room, lounge, bedroom and massive bathroom. I think this one is only for the rich people as the rack rate is 960 a night!

It was nice to go back and see everything again and I am pretty happy that we are getting married there. At the moment the timing of our wedding is looking like this:

2.30 pm - Ceremony
3.00pm - Drinks Reception
4.30 pm - Receiving line
5.00pm - Speeches
5.30pm - Dinner
7.30pm - Evening Reception



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