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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hooray - the bridesmaid dresses are chosen!

I thought it was going to be hard to chose the bridesmaid's dresses since I have three bridesmaids, one of whom is my wee sister who lives in Dublin and is pregnant and due a month before my wedding.

But it didn't turn out to be too hard after all.

On Saturday I met with my other two bridesmaids - Kirsteen and Jenny, plus my Mum for a full day of dress shopping.

We started off in a few high street stores in Princes street - Jenners, Monsoon and BHS, but none of them had anything much to offer. Jenners seemed to have absolutely no bridesmaid style dresses or evening gowns, unless you are looking for a short style dress from Coast. I don't know if this is to do with the season, as in the winter they had quite a few nice dresses. Monsoon had a very small selection of dresses, but nothing that we wanted to try on. BHS is ok if you like the pastel colours or if your bridesmaids are under 12. We were planning on spending an hour looking for dresses in High Street shops, but the selection was so poor that we spent most of the time having a coffee instead.

Next it was off to Berketex, the place where I bought my wedding dress a few weeks back. As usual the staff in Berketex were very nice and let me try my dress on again - I still like it, which is good :-) Jenny and Kirsteen tried on a selection of dresses as I waltzed about in the shop with my dress on. It was very bizarre seeing myself in the mirror with Jenny & Kirsteen on either side of me in matching bridesmaid's dresses and my mum with her outfit. There were a couple of styles of dresses that we all liked and one particular colour that was lovely and went well with my Mum's outfit (I am not going to give the colour away!).

To make things even better, Berketex have an offer on until Saturday 28th April where if you buy two bridesmaid dresses you get one free. Since they are around 200-250 a pop, that is a pretty good saving! And, they even had a branch in Dublin.

After Berketex we visited Pronuptia and Thistledown, but didn' t see anything as nice as the dresses in Berketex.

To cut a long story short, Karen has now tried on the two dresses and likes one of them, so I have arranged a fitting for Jenny & Kirsteen this Saturday and plan on buying the dresses then. Hooray!



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