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Monday, April 23, 2007

Getting Beauty Treatments before your Wedding

Ok, so it's just about 6 months before my wedding now, and I thought I would use this as a good excuse to have a few beauty treatments - all in the name of research of course. I don't want to try something new a week before my wedding, do I?

So on Sunday I went to Zen, a day spa in Edinburgh for a luxury manicure. Although I am the ripe old age of 33, I have never actually had a manicure in my life. The reason for this? I hate my hands. I have chunky fingers and suffer from eczema on my hands (although this is improving with the help of some chinese medicine). I always hide my hands and envy those people with long slim fingers and lovely nails. So, to be honest I wasn't really looking forward to somebody working on my nails. My theory is, that if I start having regular manicures now, then by the time my wedding comes and everyone is snapping photos of my hands, they will be in better condition and I won't be so self conscious.

So off I went to Zen in Teviot Place, with a hangover no less, from the night before's dinner party at my friend Fiona's house, feeling slightly unnerved at the prospect of having someone inspect my hands so closely.

I needn't have worried - the girl who did my nails was lovely and didn't gasp in horror at my hands. She started off filing my nails and rubbing cuticle oil into my cuticles, then I soaked my nails in warm water and she worked on pulling my cuticles back. After that my hands were mositurised and massaged with some Aveda cream and put into gloves containing warm paraffin wax. I then put on a pair of mitts and sat for 5 minutes while she gave me a wonderful shoulder and back massage. After that I had a french polish put on in quite a natural colour. At the end of it my nails looked better than they ever have done and my hands were baby soft from the paraffin wax. Lovely!

So now I am hooked and will definitely be going back for a regular manicure.

In a couple of weeks I have my cousin Sarah's wedding and I am off to Portugal for a week so I have booked myself in for a Pedicure and a spray on tan. Again, all in the name of research.

If you are looking to have some beauty treatments I would highly recommend Zen, as the salon is lovely and the staff are very professional and extremely nice. I was there at the beginning of the year for hot stone massage (a Christmas present) so if you want something deeply relaxing then this is the thing to have. They have two salons - one in Teviot Place and the other in Bruntsfield.



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