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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress in Edinburgh

I think I am going to have more "fun" than most when it comes to choosing a bridesmaid's dress :-)

I have three bridesmaids. One of them, my sister Karen is pregnant and due to give birth to her first child at the end of September, just one month before my wedding - bad timing or what :-) If what I hear about first babys always being late is true, then she could be having her baby 2 weeks before my wedding! She also lives in Dublin so can't come here very frequently and of course we have no idea what size she shall be on my wedding day.

The plan at the moment is just to order her dress in a size bigger than she is just now and then get her a tailor in Dublin to take the dress in if necessary just before the wedding.

Last month while I was looking at wedding dresses we had a little look for bridesmaid's dresses. Luckily on that day my Mum, Karen, Kirsteen and Jenny were all there, although Karen missed part of the shopping due to her persistent morning sickness.

The two bridal shops that we visited that day - Butterflies and Pronuptia both had a selection of bridesmaid's dresses. Pronuptia had a good selection of dress styles at the 200 mark, in lots of different colours so Jenny and Kirsteen tried on a couple of them each. Not all the colours were available to try on so you do have to try and imagine a bit what the dress would look like in a different colour by looking at the material swatches. Sometimes this can be hard, especially if the dress is in a really nasty colour! There were a couple of nice dresses in two or three colours that I liked, which was good, so we may go back there again.

Butterflies had an even bigger selection of dresses, mostly around the 200-300 mark and Jenny, Karen and Kirsteen all tried some of them on, but I didn't like these as much as the ones in Pronuptia. I also have to be careful as I have to buy 3 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes and 3 bouquets so the cost will add up quickly. For this reason I really need to try and keep the dresses no higher than the 200 mark.

We also had a look in Debenhams and they had some lovely dresses in a deep red colour in a couple of different styles for around 100 - not too bad at all.

I had looked in a few other High Street shops like Monsoon and BHS the previous week and didn't really see any nice dresses, but I am sure there are other high street stores that are worth a look.

Anyway, we are getting into April now so I'll be arranging another bridesmaid shopping expidition soon, so I'll make another update about this in a few weeks.



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