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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Buying a Wedding Tiara

There are various places in Edinburgh to buy a wedding tiara. The first and most obvious are the wedding dress shops. All the shops that I visited had a good selection of Tiaras and you can try these on while you are trying on dresses, or separately. Usually you don't need an appointment at most of the bridal shops if you are just going in to look at accessories. Most of the Tiaras that I looked at were priced around 80 or so.

Another alternative is the High Street shops e.g. Debenhams, John Lewis and BHS. These all stock tiaras, which are generally cheaper than they are in the bridal salons.

If after buying your dress, veil, shoes and all the other wedding stuff you may feel that you don't want to spend yet another 100 on something that you'll wear once. But don't despair, you can be thrifty like I was and buy your Tiara from Ebay. A lot of people don't realise that many Ebay auctions are for brand new goods, not just used goods that people don't want.

Ebay has a huge selection of Tiaras for as little as 10! I actually got mine from an Ebay shop belonging to someone in New York who makes Tiaras. The auctions have lots of clear photos so it's easy to choose one you like. I was a bit unsure at first, but given the Tiara was just 10 and the postage 5, I would only lose 15 if it turned out to be awful! Anyway, the Tiara arrived in good time, was well packaged and looked great, with lots of lovely sparkly crystals on it. It may not be as well finished as some of the ones that I have seen in the bridal shops, but it looks great and I don't think you could tell the difference unless you inspected it really closely.

You can Register on Ebay UK for free quickly and easily and view all the Tiaras for sale.



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