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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Trying on Wedding Dresses for the first time

Yesterday was my first day of trying on wedding dresses. Part of me was looking forward to this experience, but the other part of me was feeling quite nervous - what if I look hideous in all the dresses!!. I had two appointments in Edinburgh - one with Kavelle on Gorgie Road and the other with Thistledown on Haymarket Terrace.

I met Kirsteen, one of my bridesmaids for a quick lunch at All Bar One and decided we may as well wash it down with a bottle of wine. This also helped to wash away any fear I had of trying on the dresses.

My first appointment was at 2pm at Kavelle, 302-306 Gorgie Road. The shop was pretty big with a huge selection of gowns and Kirsteen and I spent a while looking at them and picking out the ones I wanted to try on. Most of the ones I chose were A-Line style dresses, but Kirsteen also insisted that I should try on the big Sugar Plum Fairy style dress as well. I was worried about how I would look in the dresses, but I needn't have - the dresses were beautiful and very flattering - emphasising your waist and bust and pulling you in in all the right places. I tried on about 5 dresses during my 1 hour appointment.

Kavelle is a family business run by a mother and her daughters and they were really friendly and helpful, taking time to help you into the dresses and bringing shoes, tiaras and veils for you to try on with the dresses and suggesting similar dresses that might suit you. Apart from the "Sugar Plum Fairy" dress I can't say that there was any dress that I tried on and didn't like - they were all so nice. I got them to write down the 2 that I liked the best and I will come back again once I have been to all my appointments

After that we went down to Thistledown, 28 Haymarket Terrace, where I met my mum, who couldn't make it to my first appointment as she had had a lunch arranged for some time. Thistledown is smaller than Kavelle, but still has a good selection of dresses to try on. In Kavelle, most of the dresses had fitted me, but in this shop most of the dresses I chose to try on were too small apart from one of the ones I tried on. Since most shops only stock one size of each dress I think it is quite common that you will either be trying on a dress that is too big and they will have to use pins to pull it in, or the dress will be too small and they will put panels in the back. You can still get a good idea of what the dress will look like, even if it is too small or too big, but you feel a big difference when you actually do try on a dress that really fits. Again, I got them to write down the styles and prices of the 2 dresses that I liked the best.

I have no idea how I am going to manage to pick a dress at the end of this, but at least I know that there are a few that I like and they are within my price range, so I felt pretty happy at the end of the day.

A tip for wedding dress shopping is to wear a nice white bra and pants as you spend some time standing in your bra and pants in the changing room while the assistant helps you into the dress - so not a good time for wearing tatty old grey knickers!



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