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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have chosen my Wedding Dress

On Saturday, after visiting Butterflies and Pronuptia I made a quick return visit to Berketex on Frederick Street with my Mum, my sister Karen, Kirsteen and Jenny and tried on my favourite dress one more time.

I think it is important to try on a dress a few times before you decide to buy it. This was my fourth time trying on this dress and as soon as I put it on I knew that this was definitely my favourite out of the 30 or so dresses that I have tried on so far. When I stepped out into the shop with it on everyone thought it was lovely and (I think) everyone agreed it was the nicest dress.

I'm not going to describe it, as I want to make sure that it is a surprise for Stuart, but I will say that loved the material of the dress, the flattering cut, the detail on the dress and the way it looked when I added all the accesories such as the veil and tiara.

I was originally planning to wait a month or so before getting fitted for the dress - to allow me to lose a few pounds, but for two reasons I decided to get the dress on the day. One reason was that there was an offer on for that week only. If you bought a dress over 800 you could choose a tiara or a veil up to the value of 100 for free. The other reason is that designers can discontinue dresses whenever they like with no warning, so there is always the risk of not being able to order your favourite dress after all.

The dress cost 949, which was slightly over my budget of 900, but getting a free tiara or veil kind of cancelled that out.

Annoyingly Berketex do not take credit cards and they need a 50% deposit to secure the dress. They did realise that not everyone can instantly write a check for 500 or so, so a 100 cash deposit secured the dress as long as I followed it up with a check in the post. I am trying to put as much of the wedding things as possible on my credit card, so I can take advantage of the free airmiles and hopefully get us a free flight or two out of all the wedding purchases. Berketex either take a 50% deposit when ordering the dress then the other 50% when it arrives, or they have an interest free payment plan.

Once you have ordered the dress it comes in around 6 weeks before your wedding and you get a fitting at that point so they can take the dress in if necessary. I'll talk a bit about the joys of getting measured in my next post.

For now, I am pretty happy though - I have booked the wedding venue, the band, the photographer, the videographer, flights for the honeymoon and now the wedding dress. I also managed to get a bargain half price pair of shoes while buying my dress - even better :-)



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