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Friday, February 16, 2007

Berketex Bride and Eleganza Sposa Edinburgh

Last Saturday I visited two more Edinburgh bridal shops - Berketex Bride in Frederick Street and Eleganza Sposa in Waterloo place.

The first stop was Eleganza Sposa, which was a lovely big bright shop with a large selection of dresses. The dresses were slightly more expensive than the other shops that I have been to so far e.g. lots of dresses in the 1000-2000 range, but there were still plenty of dresses under 1000 and lots of different styles.

When we arrived we were offered tea or coffee and I had to fill in a form with some information and what my budget was. We then picked around 6 dresses for me to try on. Unlike the previous two shops, this shop had all the pricetags visible on all the dresses, which I think is good as I don't see the point of risking falling in love with a dress that is twice my budget!

The shop had nice big changing rooms, and comfy seats for the bridesmaids and mums to sit on. I also thought the assistant that helped me into the dresses was very friendly and helpful.

As in the previous two shops, I found two dresses that I liked and had them written down on a piece of paper so I could come back later.

The next stop was Berketex bride in Frederick Street. The salon here wasn't as nice as Kavelle or Eleganza, but it was spacious and there was a good selection of dresses.

The assistant Anne was extremely helpful and suggested that my Mum and Kirsteen picked a dress that they would like me to try on. We picked out around 5 dresses and again, I tried them on one by one. The dress that Kirsteen chose was horrible (at least on me it was) - a creamy yellow colour and straight up and down. I made a 10 second appearence in it for her benefit only.

The one my Mum picked was actually one of my favourites. It had a very flattering cut and made me look like I had a smaller waist and bigger bust than I do, which was great!

For the fourth time I liked two dresses and yet again got them written down. Anne, the assistant was very good about encouraging me to try on the dresses that I liked for a second time. I also tried them both on with a hooped underskirt which gave the dress more shape and made me feel like I was floating along, rather than standing on the dress.

Today (Friday) I went back to both Eleganza Sposa and Berketex and tried on the four favourites and I am pleased to say that I have narrowed it down to one dress - hooray!

Berketex have an offer on until tomorrow - you get a 100 towards a veil or tiara if you spend over 800 on a dress. Anne was nice enough to squeeze an extra appointment in for me on Saturday (tomorrow), after the time that she normally finished, so I can come back after my other appointments that day and try on the dress again with all my bridesmaids there to give me an opinion this time. This also means that if this is the favourite dress I can take advantage of the offer.

So I'll be back with an update after tomorrow, hopefully the final day of frantic wedding dress shopping. It is so difficult to choose a favourite dress out of more than twenty dresses and really easy to end a day of shopping feeling extremely confused!



At 3:41 PM, Blogger Miss Scarlet said...

I can so see myself falling in love with a dress way out of my price range. I have a 'talent' of liking the most expensive.

At 6:09 PM, Blogger S Thomson said...

I know exactly what you mean :-)


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