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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Wedding To Do List

A few days ago I decided to make a to do list.

Wow - it's not until you actually write it down that you see just how much there is to do.

Here's my list so far in order (and I am sure that there are plenty undiscovered tasks still to add!)

- Choose & Book Photographer
- Choose & Book Videographer
- Choose & Book a Band/Disco
- Get Wedding Insurance
- Start Looking for Wedding Dress
- Decide on Honeymoon Itinerary
- Book Hair Appointments
- Choose & buy Wedding Dress
- Book Honeymoon Accommodation
- Choose & buy Bridesmaid Dresses
- Find Makeup Artist & Book
- Organise & Book Flowers
- Choose & Order Invites
- Choose & Book Cakes
- Choose & Buy Wedding Rings
- Choose and have Tasting of wedding breakfast
- Decide on & arrange music for Ceremony/Drinks
- Arrange any formal wear (groom/best man etc)
- Setup a Gift List (John Lewis?)
- Write & Send Invites
- Decide on Vows, readings etc
- Hair Trial
- Seating Plan
- Get Gifts for bridesmaids/best man/mothers etc
- Fill in forms and submit to registry office
- Submit Ceremony Booklet to registrar


Luckily I don't have to do all of the above in a short time scale. Now that we have booked the venue and the registrar the next most important things are finding a photographer, finding a band/disco, finding a videographer and starting to look for my dress.

At the moment I'm actually feeling quite pleased with myself as I have made a list of photographers, visited their websites and got price lists, chosen a shortlist and made an appointment to see one of them. I've also made appointments to visit 6 wedding dress shops in Edinburgh on the first three Saturdays of February. I've found a potential wedding band and disco and listened to their sample CD - sounds good, just need to make a decision. We've also booked our honeymoon flights... South Africa here we come! Plus, my friend Ailsa who got married last year has lent us her wedding DVD, which we will look at and decide whether or not to get our DVD done by the same place.


Anyway, more about photographers, videographers, honeymoons and wedding dresses next time.



At 12:49 AM, Blogger debbie said...

Sorry to bug you when you obviously have a lot on your mind but I do have a question about a wedding venue in Edinburgh. I'm from Canada and am planning on getting married this summer in Edinburgh. We are considering the Zoo as a venue. Have you actually seen The Mansion House at the zoo and any of the rooms in there. What was you impression in terms of the decorations and atmosphere. There will only be 20-30 guests at my wedding so preferebly I'm looking for a cozy place to have an intimate ceremony and dinner. If you have any suggestions about other venues that would suit a small wedding I would love to hear about it. Thanks so much for you time and I hope your wedding plans are going smoothly.



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