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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wedding at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh

I'm now writing this diary over a month behind schedule. A few more posts and hopefully I should have caught up to the present (only because I've done close to nothing since booking the venue).

After looking at all the hotels we decided that the Balmoral was the one for us. Here's the low down on our visit to the Balmoral.

You can visit the Balmoral Hotel Website here and have a look at some photos of the hotel. The wedding package information is also online.

We visited the Balmoral on the same day as a wedding was taking place, which was great as we got the chance to see all the rooms set up for the wedding.

Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

We started off by speaking to the Events Co-ordinator Tracy in the Palm Court Bar, which was a very nice bar, otherwise known as the Bollinger Bar.

We then had a look at the ceremony room, which was lovely. On the second floor, with big windows overlooking the Castle and Princes Street. The room was very grand with a big fireplace which can be turned on during the ceremony. The room was all set up for the ceremony which made it much easier to visualise how it would be on the day. This was definitely the nicest ceremony room that we had seen and beat the room at the Radisson on the Royal Mile.

Next we had a look at the reception room, which was also very nice. It was a good size for the numbers that we are planning on having - not too big, but still plenty of space. The room was also all set out for the Wedding reception and looked really good with chair covers on all the chairs and flowers on all the tables. The windows looked out on to Princes Street and the Castle. I imagine that at night it will look very impressive with the Castle all lit up.

We also had a bit of a wander round the public areas of the Balmoral hotel. I've been in the hotel before for a meal at Hadrians, but haven't really wandered around much. I think that one of the things that made us decide on this hotel were the lovely public areas and rooms. There are lots of great places to have photos taken e.g on a staircase with stained glass windows in the background and I don't think I would really be that bothered if it was absolutely pouring with rain outside.

Finally we had a look at some of the bedrooms. A deluxe suite for the bride and groom is included in the wedding package and this room was very big - probably the same size as a suite in some of the other hotels we've looked at. We also looked at a suite which was massive.

At the end of a tour we were both positive that this was the place we wanted to get married in and we booked a date of Saturday 27th October 2007! This was the last available date in the months of September and October.

So now we have the wedding venue booked, it's time to start thinking about all the other things - registrar, photography, videography, flowers, dress, cake and all the rest :-)

You can read reviews of the Balmoral hotel here.



At 4:12 AM, Blogger Lee Live said...

Hi, I really like your diary. I am a wedding singer and DJ based in Edinburgh and have performed at most of the venues that you mention. For the sake of your readers I thought I would add a wee note about Melville Castle. It is oftne ovelooked, but is well worth considering for the couples looking for a really romantic venue. It is only 6miles SE of Edinburgh. All the best. Wishing your a wonderful wedding. Lee Live


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